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Prenuptial – Premarital Agreements

Maryland Attorney Helps Couples Create Prenuptial Agreements

Silver Spring family lawyer safeguards spouses’ financial interests

Creating a fair prenuptial agreement could shield you from a financial crisis if the marriage ends up in divorce. Establishing mutually acceptable terms on issues such as property division and alimony can relieve some of the cost and stress associated with a divorce. At Sharma Divorce Law in Silver Spring, I work with couples throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. on pre- and postmarital documents so that husbands and wives can gain a measure of security, even if they never have to enforce the agreement. My firm fosters open communication and looks for creative ways to address the specific concerns of both spouses.

Trusted advisor drafts language addressing property division and alimony

Maryland does not have a specific law pertaining to marital agreements, so prenuptial and postnuptial documents are treated like other types of contracts. Though it might seem odd to contemplate the possibility of divorce just as you’re starting your new life together, dealing with these issues in advance offers several advantages:

  • Positive communication — When a couple is preparing to divorce or even if they’ve just experienced some strain in their marriage, reaching consensus becomes more difficult. Establishing a marital agreement or making modifications to one that is already in place works best when the parties are getting along and communicating well. By explaining the relevant law and working closely with engaged and newly married couples, I make sure that both sides have the information they need to protect their rights.
  • Financial security — As people wait longer to get married, often they have already established themselves financially at the time they are wed. In other instances, individuals might have been given a substantial inheritance or been made the beneficiary of a family trust. Determining what assets belong to the marital estate can be complicated years down the road. By setting clear terms from the start, husbands and wives can ensure that they retain the property they brought into the marriage. My firm offers valuable insight for high-net-worth clients who want to detail the type of property allocation that would occur upon a divorce. This not only allows parties to preserve their assets but also prevents situations in which someone stays in a relationship that has gone bad because they fear the financial consequences.
  • Avoidance of costly litigation — The marriage dissolution process is already costly and stressful. Hashing out questions regarding alimony and asset distribution only adds to the aggravation and expense associated with divorce. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements take these highly contentious matters out of play so that divorcing husbands and wives can avert unnecessary conflicts and concentrate on what’s to come.

With 25 years of legal experience, I understand the complex and sensitive issues that often arise during the discussion of marital agreements, especially when complex assets, such as investment accounts and business shares, are at stake. Regardless of the particular concerns in your case, I’ll help you develop a document that both sides can be comfortable with.

Contact an accomplished lawyer to discuss a prenuptial agreement in Maryland or Washington, D.C.

Located in Silver Spring, Sharma Divorce Law assists Maryland and Washington, D.C. residents who are looking to create a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. To schedule a meeting where we can discuss your options, please call 202-329-6556 or contact me online.

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