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Equitable Distribution

Maryland Property & Asset Division Attorney

Firm advises on equitable distribution matters in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Determining how marital property should be allocated in a divorce can trigger serious conflicts. Under Maryland’s equitable distribution system, when parties cannot agree on how to divide assets and debts, a judge determines what is fair. Whether you’re in the negotiation stage or are headed to court, Sharma Divorce Law in Silver Spring can explain how the law might apply in your situation and advocate for a proper resolution. Unlike some other jurisdictions where property accumulated during a marriage is split evenly, Maryland and Washington, D.C. courts can make whatever type of decision they believe is equitable, so it’s important to retain an experienced attorney who can protect your interests.

Skillful advocate works to achieve a fair allocation of assets

Without proper guidance, disagreements over property division can quickly get out of control during a divorce or separation. I, attorney Tina Sharma, keep parties focused on the issues that actually matter and the information that is crucial in equitable distribution proceedings, including:

  • Marital and separate property — Deciding what assets are part of the marital estate can have a significant effect on the outcome of an equitable distribution review. Property that is owned by either spouse prior to the marriage is considered separate and is not subject to division. However, questions can arise when one party purchases a home before the wedding, then both spouses contribute to payments afterward. I provide detailed, honest assessments on items about which doubt exists, including complex business assets.
  • Financial statements — Filing for divorce requires both parties to complete extensive financial statements so that the court has a full, accurate view of the property that requires distribution. If warranted, my firm will retain forensic accountants to review your spouse’s submission, investigate if any assets have been overlooked or hidden, and compare statements with tax records. If there’s a possibility that your spouse might transfer or squander assets inappropriately, I’ll seek immediate relief, which could include an injunction.
  • Allocation of debt — Addressing shared debt is a key aspect of separating the financial interests of divorcing spouses. Whether you’re dealing with a mortgage, payments on a vehicle or debt incurred to help fund a child’s education, my firm helps clients examine the true costs over time and works diligently to find equitable solutions.

As in alimony proceedings, many factors can go into an equitable distribution determination if the decision goes before a court. Judges are able to look at anything that they think might affect the fairness of the eventual outcome, such as each spouse’s financial condition, earning ability and what they contributed to the marriage.

Knowledgeable attorney handles concerns relating to high-net-worth divorces

High-net-worth couples present special challenges when assets must be divided. As a matrimonial litigator with 25 years of experience, I know how to handle situations involving retirement accounts, equity investments and the valuation of businesses. Whatever your priorities are, it’s best to act early in order to protect yourself. My firm will conduct an exhaustive review of tangible assets and items whose worth might require informed speculation or expert analysis.

Contact an accomplished divorce lawyer regarding equitable distribution in Maryland or Washington, D.C.

Sharma Divorce Law in Silver Spring advises clients in Maryland and Washington, D.C. about equitable distribution matters and other aspects of the divorce process. For a consultation regarding your case, please call 202-329-6556 or contact me online.

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