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Silver Spring Alimony Lawyer Protects Clients’ Rights

Firm assists divorcing spouses with alimony matters in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

When one spouse provides most or all of the income for a household, a divorce could leave the other in a desperate financial situation. To ease the burden on a wife or husband who might not be able to meet their financial needs on their own, alimony can be granted on a temporary or permanent basis. Serving clients in Maryland and Washington, D.C., Sharma Divorce Law in Silver Spring represents clients who are seeking spousal support and those being asked to pay it. In negotiations, mediation and litigation, I, attorney Tina Sharma, deliver strong, knowledgeable counsel in pursuit of a favorable outcome.

Experienced attorney advises on all types of spousal support cases

Regardless of whether you’re headed to court or are looking to reach an agreement on spousal support following a divorce, I can explain the various types of alimony that are available under Maryland law:

  • Temporary — Sometimes referred to as pendente lite alimony, these payments are meant to meet a lesser-earning spouse’s needs while the divorce is pending. Even in cases involving high-net-worth couples, just a short period apart could lead to serious issues unless this relief is granted.
  • Rehabilitative — In most cases, alimony is meant to serve as maintenance for a wife or husband while the individual regains the ability to earn a suitable income. This type of rehabilitative spousal support is limited in duration and frequently calculated based on the length of the marriage.
  • Indefinite — When it is unreasonable to expect a divorcing spouse to work outside the home due to age, disability or responsibility for a special needs child, indefinite or “permanent” alimony can be awarded. This obligation might last until one of the parties dies or the recipient remarries. Should a relevant change occur, such as the recipient moving in with a new romantic partner, my firm can help seek appropriate modifications to an existing alimony order.

You can rely on my family law firm to assess what the outcome might be if the alimony decision were litigated, including whether alimony should include reimbursement for costs that were previously expended or the effect of any marital agreement executed by the parties. From there, we’ll work together to develop a sound strategy on how to proceed.

Family litigator details factors used to determine an award of maintenance

No two marriages are alike, and there is no set calculation that can predict if spousal support will be awarded or what the amount or payment duration will be. However, in addition to how long the marriage lasted and each partner’s earning ability, courts might consider the couple’s standard of living, other assets available to the parties and each spouse’s contribution to the household while the marriage lasted. Looking at all of the relevant factors, I will advocate for a result that acknowledges the pertinent standards and helps you move forward successfully.

Contact a thorough family lawyer for advice on an alimony issue in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Sharma Divorce Law in Silver Spring handles alimony matters for clients in Maryland and Washington D.C. This includes situations where someone is looking to adjust alimony terms or take action against a former spouse who is violating a previously entered order. Please call 202-329-6556 or contact me online to discuss your concern.

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