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Silver Spring Child Custody Lawyer Advises on Custody & Visitation Issues

Dedicated attorney assists divorcing parents in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Children of a divorcing couple face significant challenges as they adjust to a new situation. By developing fair, comprehensive terms regarding legal and physical custody, parents can help create a supportive environment. Serving Maryland and Washington, D.C., Sharma Divorce Law in Silver Spring advises parents on issues relating to custody and visitation so they can safeguard the well-being of their sons and daughters. Whether parents are on the same page or have significant conflicts about residence and decision-making authority, I work closely with each client to craft solutions that meet the particular needs of their children.

Established firm works on matters relating to residence and legal authority

With 25 years of experience, I, attorney Tina Sharma, understand the importance of open, honest communication and strong advocacy during discussions and litigation pertaining to:

  • Legal custody — A divorce does not change the fact that mothers and fathers must make important decisions regarding their children’s medical treatment, education, religion and other significant matters. Usually, this legal custody can be shared so that both parents have a say, but if the other party lacks the ability to make such choices, I’ll advise you of your potential options.
  • Physical custody — Where children will primarily reside affects nearly every aspect of their development, so these determinations should be handled carefully and selflessly. By negotiating clear terms and planning for contingencies such as holiday arrangements, my firm works to reach a resolution that helps them thrive.
  • Joint, sole and shared custody — There is no legal preference for mothers or fathers in custody determinations. While legal custody is often held jointly, circumstances might favor awarding one parent sole residential custody while giving the other substantial visitation rights. When parents live near each other and plan to have the child spend at least 35 percent of the time in each home, shared physical custody might be appropriate.

I understand how emotional custody disputes and other family law conflicts can be and provide clear-eyed counsel to ease the burden on you and your children.

Insightful advocate outlines factors used in custody and visitation cases

Custody determinations that go before judges are based on what they think is in the child’s best interests. Of course, this is a multifaceted review that must be tailored to the individual child’s needs. However, many factors are commonly evaluated during these matters, including each parent’s fitness and willingness to promote a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent. Maintaining stability when it comes to residence, education and extracurricular activities can be important as well. If children have reached an age where they can make a mature decision, their preference might be taken into consideration.

Reliable counselor handles modification, enforcement and relocation actions

After a child custody order is issued, circumstances often change and a modification in terms is warranted. My firm examines the facts and advises parents as to whether the change is substantial enough to convince the court to make an adjustment. Conflicts over these proceedings can be particularly difficult if a custodial parent seeks to relocate with the child. Strict rules and timelines exist regarding the notice that must be sent before a move occurs. Upon receiving notice, the parent opposing relocation is required to file a petition with the court. Each situation is unique, so it’s a good idea to consult with a qualified family law attorney if you’re considering a relocation or wish to stop one. I also handle enforcement actions after an order is entered.

Contact an experienced child custody lawyer serving Maryland and Washington, D.C. for a consultation

In Silver Spring, Sharma Divorce Law advocates for Maryland and Washington, D.C. parents in child custody matters during divorce and separation actions. Please call 202-329-6556 or contact me online to make an appointment for a meeting at my office.

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